Three Ways You Are Throwing Money Away On Google Ads

There are a thousand and one mistakes you can make managing your Google Ads campaigns but some are repeated over and over and over again so make sure you are not throwing money away on these three Google Ads mistakes.

Search and display select campaigns

1.Oh boy, talk about apples and oranges, actually talk about mixing things that don’t mix. Setting a campaign to search and display select is usually the default setting for new Google Ads campaigns (shame on you Google) and is a surefire way for you to pretty much waste your advertising budget and not get very good data in return. These campaigns will display text ads (meant for search originally) on the Google Display Network based on the keywords you selected. This is a setup that seldom works well and is primarily intended to provide new advertisers with a steady stream of inbound clicks and Google with a steady stream of profit. Do yourself a favor always split your display and search campaigns and optimize your ad and creative for the specifics of each network.

Not tracking conversions

2. OK this is one of the most common ways you are throwing money away. How much are conversions worth to you, how often do they happen, and how is it affecting your business? These are all questions that can’t really be answered without conversion tracking and if you already decided to invest time and money into a Google Ads campaign, go that extra mile and splash out just a little more for a developer to help you with conversion tracking or import your conversions from Google Analytics.

Not using negative keywords

3. Yep these can be negative too (these are the keywords that you don’t want to appear for your searches) there are a lot of lists online and based on your niche everybody’s favorite contender is usually “Free”

So there you have it, the three most common ways you are throwing money away on Google Ads. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to make certain your campaigns are optimized and up to date, get in touch and we will make sure you never again throw a dime without getting something in return.